Ayesha Abbasi


Ayesha Abbasi brings to the practice of law a wealth of life experiences that have shaped her approach to the defence of accused persons. Born in Pakistan, Ms. Abbasi was confronted with personal challenges at an early age as a result of a family tragedy. Her personal challenges forced her to become independent and resilient. This disposition assisted her when she migrated to Canada at 15 years old to pursue a better life for her and her family. Ms. Abbasi’s humble beginnings and personal trial and tribulations have made her more compassionate towards her clients.

She received her Juris Doctor from Osgoode Hall Law School, after graduating from York University with an Honours Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. During her time at Osgoode, she was chosen to participate in the prestigious Criminal Law Intensive Program. Her placement in the program was with the Judges of the Ontario Court of Justice in Brampton.

Ms. Abbasi was both a summer student and an articling student at Edward H. Royle & Partners LLP. During her time as a student with the firm, she worked on serious criminal matters, including a first-degree murder trial. She joined the firm as an associate in 2015, and since then has successfully represented clients at various stages of the criminal proceeding, including bail hearings, pre-trials, preliminary hearings, and trials. Ms. Abbasi has a wealth of experience defending clients charged with a range of offences, including but not limited to, robberies, drug offences, sexual assaults, domestic assaults, frauds, property crimes, driving offences, and breaches of court orders. Her unrelenting work ethic and her firm commitment to the vigorous defence of her clients has resulted in her developing a booming practice.

She can be reached at any time at ayesha.abbasi@roylelaw.ca or by calling 416.824.7249. She can communicate with you in Urdu, Punjabi, and Hindi.