Ronald Chu


Ronald Chu is a trial lawyer who practises exclusively in criminal law. He received his science degree from McMaster University and law degree from Osgoode Hall Law School. His knowledge of both law and science is a unique advantage in cases involving forensic evidence and cross-examination of expert witnesses.

At law school, Mr. Chu was selected as a caseworker for the Osgoode Hall Innocence Project. After identifying flaws in the prosecutor’s case, Mr. Chu reinvestigated and sought proof of innocence for clients convicted of serious crimes, including murder. Mr. Chu appealed to the Federal Minister of Justice on the basis of fresh evidence – such as third-party DNA uncovered through sequencing technology that was not available at trial.

Before joining Edward H. Royle & Partners LLP, Mr. Chu worked at a prominent criminal defence firm that specializes in defending impaired driving, driving “over 80”, and refusal to provide breath sample charges.

Mr. Chu is a fearless advocate with a strong courtroom presence. He believes that every accused person has the right to a fair trial and pleading guilty should be a last resort. Set up an appointment to discuss your criminal matter with Mr. Chu by emailing

Mr. Chu is fluent in Cantonese.