Paul Aubin


Paul Aubin is an experienced trial and appeal lawyer who has successfully defended virtually every type of criminal charge. He has appeared in court on thousands of matters in his career, conducting countless bail hearings, pre-trials, preliminary hearings, judge-alone trials, jury trials, and appeals. He spends most of his time defending people charged with serious crimes like homicides, robberies, firearm offences, drug offences, sexual assaults, domestic assaults, frauds, property crimes, driving offences, and breaches of court orders.

Mr. Aubin has over 40 reported decisions on various criminal topics, including the following:

Mr. Aubin has a record of successfully proving illegal police conduct that violates the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, resulting in the exclusion of illegally obtained evidence from the trial. On multiple occasions, he has had drugs and firearms excluded after persuading the court that the police acted illegally to obtain the evidence. Mr. Aubin was counsel on one of the few reported trial decisions in Canada proving racial profiling, which resulted in his client being acquitted of all charges.

Mr. Aubin started his career in 2009 at Canada’s largest criminal defence firm at the time before joining Edward H. Royle & Partners LLP in 2010.